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CloudJumper is a SaaS native software and services company in the app and desktop virtualization market focused on VDI, Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and App Streaming. CloudJumper Partners can select either CloudJumper’s full-service Cloud Workspace? platform or roll-their-own platform using CloudJumper’s award winning Cloud Workspace? Management Suite software. Cloud Workspace? Management Suite (CWMS) automates delivery of hosted Windows desktops, application services and Microsoft workloads allowing IT service managers to deliver app streaming, VDI, DaaS & WaaS with minimal labor, lower costs and faster delivery times. CWMS is supported in Azure, Google Compute, AWS and most VMware or HyperV private clouds. Whether partners select Cloud Workspace Management Suite or the full-service Cloud Workspace, CloudJumper provides all the training, support and professional services necessary to ensure a successful deployment.
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